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Homecoming Supplies Superstore, LLC


We're sorry, our e-commerce store is currently offline until further notice. If you are in the Houston area, please feel free to visit our Spring location. Thank you.


Welcome to the
Homecoming Supplies SuperStore, LLC Online Store! We offer our customers one of the largest selections of Homecoming Supplies in the state of Texas! We offer more than 1,200 different items for our creative customers to choose from in designing mums and garters. We custom design mums and garters, as well. We have 43 different High School Printed T-shirts to choose from and offer more than 75 different High School and Custom Ribbons.
Unique Creations by Lauren has invented a new baseboard product for mums and garters that are long over due. Customers have been forced in the past to use an inexpensive flimsy paper product that was designed many, many years ago. Our baseboards are designed for Texas size mums & garters and can only be purchased at our Homecoming Supplies SuperStore!

We pride ourselves on offering our customers unique trinkets, sports, hobbies and precious bears that are hard to find.
Take a few minutes to view our video of one of the largest homecoming stores in the country!

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